I cut 9 inches off my hair and this is what happened..

About two weeks ago I made a hair appt with my hairdresser Mandy for a haircut. I knew I wanted to do something different, but I didn’t know if I was going to have the guts. The “lob” (long angled bob) type cut was something I really wanted and had been obsessing over for months. However, I had gone to my past hair appointments with these same desires and walked out with a trim instead. Who knew what would happen this time around. Marc and I discussed it in the days leading up to this and he was on board with the “lob”, so I asked him to come with me for moral support (and pressure so I would go through with it!).

The Build-Up

The day of my appointment my hair was particularly crappy. It wouldn’t DO anything. It felt and looked so thin and unhealthy. The condition of it that day definitely played a role in going forward with the cut. I checked in and I was going through my pictures with Marcus again for the umpteenth time. We both agreed on a few that I would show her for some hair inspiration. They called me back and got started washing my hair. Mandy stopped by to chat with me for a second. I let her know today might be different because I think I wanted to cut it all off. She was super excited which got me super excited.

When I was finished with my shampoo, I went over and sat down in her chair. I started showing her tons of pictures and telling her what all I wanted and didn’t want. I want body and volume and I want an angle but I don’t want layers and I want it this long and I want to make sure it looks good both straight and curly, etc. She heard me out and then kindly explained that due to my hair type I cant have both length and body. If I want to keep it longer it’s going to be flatter. She also explained that the type of cut I wanted would need layers but they are a totally different kind of layer that’s required for this haircut. I told her I trust her I was just afraid this wouldn’t be a good look for me. She assured me that I had the perfect face type for this haircut and let me know that she does these types of cuts very often.

The Cut

We agreed on a length and shape and she explained to me the anxiety that might kick in when she started to cut it or even the next morning but not to panic because it just takes some getting used to. She then asked me if I was really ready to cut it all off and I said “YES!”. Next thing I heard was SNIP. 9 inches gone just like that. There was no turning back now!

She continued cutting and then explained that I have a little callic in the back so she was going to have to go about a quarter inch shorter, which I was fine with. We discussed adding some highlights and she quickly called for a color specialist named Ashley to come chat with me. Five minutes later I had a color appt scheduled to start as soon as I finished with Mandy. Then she turned me around so I could see the cut….and it was perfect.

It looked so good and felt so good. I instantly just felt like a new person. It was seriously like cutting off a toxic relationship that had been holding me back for years. I was IN LOVE. She styled it just to show me what it would look like and then I was off to the color station.

The Color

When I got to Ashley’s station she started showing me some pictures that she thought I would like and we agreed on a balayage type highlight with light blond and a few streaks of honey blond mixed in. The color process was pretty routine, color, chit-chat, foils, girl talk, dryer, done. She got me all fixed up and styled and I was feeling like a million bucks (and a couple hundred dollars poorer than when I walked in). Marcus and I loved everything about my hair. I hugged them both on the way out and then we were off to dinner.

I felt like a peacock with its feathers out. This haircut came with a side of confidence that I didn’t have before. The next morning I touched up the curls a bit and it looked as good as it did the night before. I’ve played with it some more since then and done a straight look and a beach wave curl, both of which looked great and were quick and easy to do with the flat iron.

I am so happy with my decision to cut off 9 inches of hair. 9 inches of dull and flat hair that I had been carrying around with me for at least 5-7 years. Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” While I don’t know if I will be making any big changes in my life anytime soon, I definitely feel like this haircut did. My hair was my security blanket, but it was time for that blanket to go and I’m so glad it did. The only thing I regret is not doing it sooner!

When was your last big haircut and how much did you cut off? Did you hate it? Love it? Let me know!!


26 thoughts on “I cut 9 inches off my hair and this is what happened..

  1. Ohhh it looks cute! I am in need of a MAJOR haircut… I think I have atleast 9 inches to cut off. Did you donate!? I need to get my haircut because its starting to be heavy and a ponytail won’t hold it up lol… it’s bad! Thanks

  2. I cut off about 6 inches a year ago, and have gone shorter with time. I love how free I feel with all of that weight gone and it is fun to play with new ways of fixing it. It is hard to make that first cut but I have loved the change. Your haircut looks great – I’m sure you’ll love it!

    Thanks for being a part of #WanderingWednesday!

  3. I’m in desperate need of a cut, but mine is so thin since after it fell out after my twins were born. For now I’m content to watch it grow out completely different that it was 2 years ago. So much curl, like when I was 15. I guess hormones are a crazy thing.

  4. I go through phases with my hair. I’ll cut it short because it’s easier, then let it grow for a year or two. By that time I’ve enjoyed the length, but am ready to get rid of it. I’m about to get a new cut. This time at least 12 inches will be coming off. I always feel like a new person too when I cut it.

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