What if Moms got Sick Days?

Mom… sick? No, you must be mistaken. Think back to your childhood when you got sick and you were told to “stay in bed” and “get some rest”. Doesn’t that sound glorious now? I remember thinking what a boring nightmare this is to stay in bed and not play with my friends. Meanwhile, my mom is waiting on me hand and foot with yummy warm soup and ginger ale.

I think I speak for all of us when I say being a sick Momma is the absolute worst. Those days of resting that illness off are long gone. I usually try to convince myself that I’m not sick after all, I’m just tired and my hormones are making me have hot flashes. It works most of the time (either that or I just forget I’m sick until I feel better).  Our littles don’t care if we are feeling under the weather. They still need breakfast and loves and cuddles and someone to wipe their butt. We just don’t get sick. I’m fine! I can still do that mound of laundry, and cook dinner, and clean house and go to the grocery store. Of course.

mom sick day

This isn’t Marc’s fault either. He helps me a ton and I am so grateful for that. He will cook and he will offer to let me take a nap, but I’m MOM. My kids search for me like the last piece of chocolate in the pantry. Like Isla Fisher in Wedding Crashers searching for Vince Vaughn… “I’ll find youuuuu!”. They’ll come in to give me millions of hugs and sweet kisses and “feel betters” until I finally just get up. Because sick days and rest are not a thing in Mom world. If Mom goes down, the whole ship goes down.

We’re the superheroes of the wellness world

Should I ever get sick enough that I actually contemplate asking Marcus to stay home from work, I imagine it would go something like this.

(Wake up) “OH my gosh, this isn’t happening, what is this? I don’t get sick” I quietly panic. (insert high fever and vomiting here). Ask Marcus to bring me every medication from the cabinet while we contemplate if he should stay home. I take all the medication. Lay back down for a second to try and keep it down and figure out how I’m going to survive today. Still contemplating him staying home but also having him continue to get ready for work in case he does go in. (insert more vomiting). Ok, I was feeling like death, but now I feel slightly better. Like the brink of death instead of actual death. More contemplation about Marc staying home. How does that affect our budget, will he use a vacation day/sick day (if he is even lucky enough to have those). What if HE actually gets sick later in the week? No, you better go in today. Save your sick days for days that you actually need them or we have a real emergency. He goes to work and I just religiously take meds and power through the day.

Of course, that’s just what I imagine it will look like because I’m a mom and we don’t get sick…

sick mom meme

It’s an unwritten rule.

Somewhere in the Rules of Motherhood book is a chapter titled ‘Mom’s Don’t get Sick’ because it’s just not in the plans. We care about someone else more than ourselves. Even at our most miserable, we still want to make sure that our kids have everything they need when they need it. Sick days are a thing of our pre-child past, it’s just business as usual (maybe without a bra).












20 thoughts on “What if Moms got Sick Days?

  1. This reminds me of that Dayquil (?) commercial that goes “Moms don’t take sick days!” and it’s like a mom trying to set up the kids 5th birthday or something while looking like she is about to keel over into the cake. Lol! Funny because it’s true.

  2. Ugh! So true! I’ve been fighting major sinus/head colds thanks to the crazy weather, and a nap would be divine. But then I feel guilty because there’s too much to do, so I can’t sleep. 😌

    1. Bummer!! I hope you feel better soon! Not sure where you are, but here in Texas, the weather is just plain unpredictable at the moment! It’s causing a lot of that here for us too! Hang in there! We are #momstrong! Thanks for reading!! <3

  3. I had a 48 hour flu like bug this winter. It was awful! I wound up camping on the floor where my son was playing and puking up my guts all day long. I did feed my child and change his diaper multiple times. But I barely moved for 2 days. My son happily played jump on Mommy until I would play with him too. Fortunately he didn’t catch it.

  4. Isn’t this the truth! I had a bug a few weeks ago that hit me like a freight train. I was down with a fever and chills. My husband did help a lot but like you said, your kids will find you and make resting impossible.

  5. Preach! I’m a big believer in using your “village” so to speak, so calling in a family member or neighbor on those days when I just CAN’T, is the only way I can get through.

    1. Yes! I’m very thankful for my parents and in-laws in dire situations and emergencies. They are always there to help however they can! <3 Thanks for reading!

  6. This is SPOT ON! There’s just no other option than to just deal with it. My hubby on the other hand is the biggest baby when he gets sick! It’s hilarious and really annoying!

  7. I love this post! Absolutely the truth. I’m a SAHM of 5. We don’t get sick, or we aren’t supposed to at least, and if we do it’s still business as usual or everything goes to hell in a handbasket.

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