Things all Mom’s of Boys Should Know

When I found out I was pregnant with my oldest son, I remember thinking it was certainly a girl.  Someone I could play Barbies with and have tea parties with. Braid and curl her hair and put her in frilly dresses. I basically pictured myself reliving my childhood but as a 20 something-year-old woman.

When my Doctor told me I was having a boy (and there was no doubt about it), I didn’t really know what to think. How would I do playing TMNT and Superheros? Would all the fart and booger talks gross me out or would they even include me? Fast forward to my gender ultrasound of my second child and I remember thinking, “PLEASE GOD, let this be a boy. Boys are what I know and what I’m comfortable with at this point!”. And then he said “Another BOY!”. I was so excited to now have 2 boys to love. I am a proud BoyMom!

There are so many unique things that come with raising little boys. Things that no mom group or parenting book can prepare you for. Of course, there are plenty of penis talks, dirt, boogers, and fart jokes, but there is so much more you should know when it comes to raising boys.

things mom’s of boys should know…

1. They do not stop moving.

When my friends are rushing their 8-month-old boys to stand and walk, I always jokingly tell them to push them down, don’t rush it. My oldest started walking at 9 months and I literally haven’t sat down since then.

I remember having a playdate when Dane was around the age of 1 with a friend that had little a girl.  She just sat quietly playing with a toy car and clapping her hands. Meanwhile, Dane is running circles around the backyard fence as if he was at a track meet (throwing any dog poop that got in his way at the fence). How are these two little humans the same species?

From the time those sweet little feet hit the floor in the morning until the time they hit the sheets, they are running! Even something like eating dinner, my boys are fidgeting, showing me dance moves, falling out of their chairs. They just cannot be still, and I’ve just come to terms with that.

2. You will need A LOT of food.

I have picky eaters and my boys are on the skinnier side of the spectrum and STILL, my grocery bill is huge! My 2-year-old can easily put down 3 waffles some mornings. My 5-year-old is a very routine child and every morning he has a vanilla protein shake, a bowl of cereal, a package of muffins and a waffle. Sometimes he subs out the cereal for a second waffle. That means some days I go through half a box of waffles at one meal time.

I buy chicken patties in a 4lb bag, WEEKLY. I also have to buy a pound of chicken nuggets weekly. These little boys can put some food away.

Tonight for dinner, my 5-year-old ate the same amount of steak as my husband. Of course, my picky eaters can eat their weight in the expensive stuff like steak and shrimp which certainly doesn’t help lower the grocery bill. I shudder at the thought of the money I will spend at HEB when they are ravenous teenagers!

3. You will need lots of clothes.

In general, boys are pretty easy when it comes to clothes. Jeans, shorts, shirts and superhero costumes. That sums up my kids closet in a nutshell. But man can they put in a lot of wear and tear on clothes in a short amount of time.

I quickly learned that I wouldn’t be buying much white. There is never a scenario during my day where white is a safe color for them. If I do put something white on them, it’s usually something I am ok with possibly being stained and ruined. The stains change with the ages and the seasons, from poop to food to dirt to chocolate, etc.

For blue jeans, expect knee holes and them to be 3 inches too short by the end of the season. Boys grow fast and they are hard on jeans. So much for passing those down to his brother.

In addition to jeans are shoes. I just bought Dane new shoes for Soccer about 2 months ago and the bottoms of them are already worn way down. If they aren’t growing out of them at a rapid rate, they are running through the bottoms of them…literally.

4. Boys are rough and roughhousing is natural.

I’m pretty sure its just how they connect and express affection. My boys can go from hugging me to a full-on wrestling match in 2 seconds. I have had countless necklaces broken and woke up with bruises in weird spots on my hands. All from innocent roughhousing with my boys.  Boys are physical. Is it exhausting? Of course. Is it normal? Absolutely. I would be more concerned if they didn’t act that way. This kind of physical interaction can foster positive relationships, boost the body’s feel-good chemicals and even promote intelligence.

5. They are sweet as pie!

At the same time, boys are so sweet! My boys are Mama’s boys and they can melt your heart with one little sentence. When they take a break from booger and fart jokes, I hear a thousand “I love you’s” a day. Those rare moments that they stop moving, they want to cuddle and snuggle with me. About every other day Dane tells me “You’re the best Mom!”. They give the biggest hugs and the snottiest kisses, better than I could have ever imagined. They never get tired of hanging with their Mama!

those same sweet little boys are also rambunctious and chaotic…

Sometimes I have to just take a step back and remember they are just little boys. It can be extremely hard to keep your cool or not yell at them when they are being crazy and not listening. I know, I’ve been there many times. What works for me is removing them from the room/the distraction, getting down to their level, and calmly talking to them. Other times I just separate them, get them each going on a separate activity and take a quick breather. Of course, this is just how little boys are. They are free-spirited, rowdy, little humans and I thank God every day for picking me to be their Mama! <3

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11 thoughts on “Things all Mom’s of Boys Should Know

  1. I’ve found being at school is so helpful for #3, my eldest hardly wears his own clothes now. His brother on the other hand is certainly rapidly getting through the knees on his trousers. One thing I’ve observed with my 6 year old is how lovely it is to see him quietly defy gender stereotypes. He has the kindest heart and spends hours quietly drawing or raucously singing and dancing. “Rainbow” is his favourite colour so he doesnt have to pick just one colour and “pink is not for girls it’s for everyone”.

  2. This brought a memory down my cheek, how soon they grow up. My youngest (12) always cuddled even up until a couple weeks ago. Now as he gets to be almost 13 he is (not rude) acting like he needs help (very obvious) to act like he would fart on me. I look at him and see a sweet rowdy little boy with fart jokes and boogers turning into a teen who acts like he would follow thru with them. (knowing he would not) The days where he would jump up and meet the day are now carrying him over the threshold of the bathroom to “drop” him in the shower. There are so many thoughts your blog bring back. Thank you. <3

  3. I have twin 3 yr old boys and I concur to all of this! I definitely can relate to my friends who have little girls and they just sit and play quietly. NEVER!!! But my boys are sweethearts, and while it’s hard to keep up with their energy sometimes, they are the loves of my life. Love being a boy mom, too! Thanks for sharing! #wanderingwednesday

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