Why Your Phone Call Always Goes to voicemail

Ever wonder why you get voicemail 95% of the time when you call me or any other mom, for that matter, with young children? Allow me to enlighten you. Yes, I’m a stay at home mom, therefore, I’m probably just sitting around waiting for phone calls right?  Wrong! There is so much more to my day, I promise!

  • There will be multiple interruptions. As soon as I answer my 5-year-old is going to come and repeatedly ask me who I am talking to. Trust me he will get louder if I don’t answer him. Next, he is going to want to say “HI!” and probably ask, “How ya been doing?”. Once he’s done with those questions, he’s going to remember that he wanted a snack, and he needs a drink and can I change his TV and fix a toy he broke earlier, which leads me to my next point.
  • I won’t remember what we talk about. There are going to be so many interruptions and it’s going to be so loud in the background that as soon as I hang up with you, I’m not going to remember one bit of important information from that phone call. Dates, times, good news, forget about it. If I remember it at all it will be for about 15 seconds and then I will start to second guess myself or think I misheard you before I just forget it all completely.

ring ringyour call has reached the voice mailbox of…

  • It’s loud here 14 hours out of the day. On the off chance you call me while my 5-year-old is playing nicely in his room or at Mother’s Day Out, never fear, he has a backup (see Surviving Two for more on that). My 2-year-old, Nolan, will be loudly reciting his ABC’s (and will want me to acknowledge that or sing along). Or maybe he is done with his lunch and yelling loudly because he wants out of his high chair, or he’s hungry and I’m not whipping lunch up fast enough. Whatever the reason is, children are vocal and my children, in particular, love the sound of their voices.
  • I just don’t want to talk. If you happen to call me when my kids are gone or asleep, there is a good chance I don’t want to talk. I’m enjoying the peace and quiet, can you blame me? It’s not that I don’t want to talk to you, in particular, no, it’s just I answer questions and tackle first world problems (like the wrong macaroni noodle) 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week. So for the few seconds a day that I’m NOT doing that, I’m relaxing (or working out, doing laundry, cleaning up after a meal, cleaning pee off the floors, vacuuming, disinfecting something, DIY-ing, researching, etc)….in silence…hopefully.

I’ll call you back in…ohhhh…16-18 years…

  • Lastly, the phone is probably not in my possession. If you call and manage to catch me at a time where its quiet, there’s a reason for that. When I have no interruptions and I’m willing to talk it’s likely I don’t have possession of my phone (or I’ve just discovered the giant mess my children were creating while quiet –  *see Real Life Boy Mom Experiences). ONE OF MY KIDS has it… which is why its quiet. And when a phone call or message comes through, they quickly reject it before I even know what’s happened. So there you have it!

Don’t take it personally if you get my voicemail, just leave me a message or text me. If you do get through to me, consider yourself one of the lucky ones! Be sure to follow me on Pinterest and Facebook for more Mom things <3





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